Introduce your institution to potential students in Slovakia! Join StudyFest – the international higher education fair:
19 October 2019    Bratislava
20 October 2019    Košice

If your institution seeks to recruit European students, consider Slovakia – an EU member state since 2004, with a population of 5.4 million and a fast growing economy.

Many young people in Slovakia realize the global demand for a highly educated workforce, and the number of Slovak students choosing to pursue higher education abroad has been growing steadily.

Thanks to their good command of English combined with a high level of academic preparedness provided by a broad-based general secondary education system, many Slovak students have succeeded and excelled at universities abroad.

StudyFest provides an excellent opportunity for your institution to meet Slovak students considering studying abroad. The two-day event will be held in the two largest cities of Slovakia – Bratislava, the capital, located in the west of the country, and Kosice, the second largest city and “capital” of Eastern Slovakia.

With its focus on study opportunities abroad, it is the only entirely international education fair in Slovakia that brings together a range of high quality tertiary institutions.

StudyFest is organised by an educational consultancy established nearly 20 years ago, and with 13 years of experience in counselling and assisting Slovak students applying to universities and colleges in the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Netherlands. This exclusive event aims to give young people the opportunity to discover the many opportunities offered by the participating institutions and find the right institution and degree programme based on their academic interest and qualifications.

StudyFest is also open to secondary schools welcoming international students on short and long-term academic and cultural exchange programmes, which have been becoming more and more popular among Slovak high school students.

Join StudyFest, the only international education fair in Slovakia, which provides an ideal platform for presenting your institution and the education programmes it offers. It is a great opportunity to meet your target audience, including high school and college students as well as young professionals from Slovakia.

Your participation will include the opportunity to give a presentation or lecture on a topic of your preference and you will have the chance to take advantage of additional sponsoring and advertising opportunities.

Why join StudyFest as an exhibitor?

Unique in Slovakia
StudyFest is the country’s only specialised exhibition for tertiary and secondary education abroad, organised by an established study abroad consultancy.

Targeted Nationwide Promotion
The fair is being promoted through a range of channels throughout Slovakia. Fair visitors are students with a serious interest in studying abroad on undergraduate and postgraduate level, which will give you, the exhibitor, access to a selected audience of highly motivated students.

Personal Contact
You will have the opportunity to meet your potential students in person, present your institution through face-to-face contact and identify areas of focus for your institution.

Additional Presentation Opportunities
To make the most of your participation, take advantage of the additional presentation opportunities offered, such as a lecture or seminar, advertising tailored to your needs, or sponsorship.

Key Locations
StudyFest will be held in two locations: Bratislava, the capital and largest city of Slovakia, is situated in the west of the country and is easily accessible from the northern, central and southern regions. Kosice is the second largest city of Slovakia, situated in the east of the country. By attending StudyFest in both cities you will get the chance to meet potential students from all over Slovakia.

Visitor Profile

Visitors to Study Fest include:

Final year high school students
Younger high school students
Undergraduate students
Young professionals and recent graduates
Parents and other individuals

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